network monitor confused

;D hi all.ime new to the forum so hello to everyone.i am a total novice with a pc so please forgive me if i do this wrong.i have read through the forum posts but still confused over my network monitor rules & wondered if you could help please.thankyou in advance.i have xp sp2 & connect via cable/Lan/logged in as admin & have
spybot s&d
removed avg & sas before installing cfp
i could not copy my cfp screen so i had to take a pic of it.sorry again & hope i have given you the correct info ??? .blessings

the rules for the network monitor are
allow tcp/udp any any where source port is any & destination is any
allow icmp out any any where icmp message is echo request
block icmp in any any where icmp message fragmentation is needed
block icmp out any any where icmp message is time exceeded
allow ip out any any where ipproto is gre
block&log ip in/out any any where ipproto is any

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Just a quick question; did you use a webcamera/digital camera to take that picture?
Looks like that to me.
If you don’t know how to use the Windows built-in function called Print Screen, here’s how you do it:

Rules looks ok, but I think this should be ‘block’ instead of ‘allow’:

allow icmp out any any where icmp message is echo request

Think it’ll make you respond to ping, but not sure.
to test if your rules are safe, you could do GRC’s firewall test:


Hi nannywitch, welcome to the forums.

The default is to have the above two rules set to allow rather than block.

The others all seem correct.

You might find this helpful:


(R) thanks for the welcome & the replies.ive now set the rules as you said & yes it was a digital camera i used as i didnt know how to use print screen so thankyou also for that.

i have to say i have tried several firewalls recently but this one has to be the best by far & i now recommend it to friends as its easy to use & my pc never been so quiet since i installed cfp (:WIN)

blessings & thankyou again