Network Magic

Using XP SP2 w/all updates and Network Magic. Just changed to Comodo 3 and lost my 3 computer lan connections. I’ve searched the posts here and on the Comodo forum and tried to follow the advice given at both places. No joy. Would anyone who has solved this problem provide instructions?


Hello Chasa,

Let’s first try to see if it works if we temporarily disable the firewall.
Right mous click on the Comodo tray icon and set the firewall to disabled.
Now check if everything works correctly.

I just had the same problem, took a couple days to find an answer. Try this : Firewall, advanced, network security tab, locate Network Magic, edit the entry to show “Trusted Application” Problem resolved all three of my computers now share files.

Hope that helps as I’m not a tecky type and hope that will solve the problem in plain languge.

Comodo 3.5.54375.427