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help!!! ive use network magic for a long time but now i have a problem. my ldesktop (router on it) can access my shared files on my laptop but not vice versa. ive never had this problem till now. and i did every thing that tech support told me to do. enclosed is what they sent me and i did it but it still wont woik, is there a tool i can use to fix the problem. please reply soon. im about to pull all my hair out.

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Response (Travis) 01/25/2010 10:24 AM
Thank you for contacting Pure Networks

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Customer (david .) 01/24/2010 06:26 PM
Don’t close the ticket yet,I’m working on it -------Original Message------- FROM: Pure Networks Support ( DATE: 01/24/10 17:45:22 TO: ( SUBJECT: Network Magic Feedback [Incident: 100120-000128]

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Response (Travis) 01/24/2010 03:45 PM
Thank you for contacting Pure Networks

Try disabling the software firewalls on the problem computer(s), then unshare and reshare the files and see if the problem persists. If disabling the software firewalls works to solve the problem, simply configure your firewalls on each computer using the information provided in the following link:

Title: Firewall Configuration

This list of additional steps contains suggestions to get rid of problems that don’t normally occur, but can cause the problem you are seeing.

Internet connection sharing must be disabled

  1. Open the start menu, go to the control panel, and double click on your Network Connections (Single click network and internet connections first if you have a blue background on the control panel window).
  2. If there are any network bridges here, make sure that those are deleted.
  3. Find your Network adapter in use (if connecting wirelessly, you will be looking for a wireless adapter, if connecting via a wire, look for the local area connection that’s enabled).
  4. Right click on the adapter and select properties.
  5. Click on the advanced tab.
  6. Deselect an check mark made in the Internet connection sharing section.

Client for Microsoft Networks may not be installed

  1. Right click on “My Network Places” and choose “Properties”
  2. Right click on the network adapter, and choose “Properties”
  3. Click the “Install” button
  4. Choose “Client” in the list and click “Add”
  5. Choose “Client for Microsoft Networks” and click “Add”
  6. Click “OK”

File and printer sharing not installed.

  1. Right click on “My Network Places” and choose “Properties”
  2. Right click on the network adapter, and choose “Properties”
  3. Click the “Install” button
  4. Choose “Service” in the list and click “Add”
  5. Choose “File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks” and click “Add”
  6. Click “OK”

Your computers has a name that is more than 15 characters

  1. To verify what your computer name is set to, right click on “My Computer” and choose “Properties”. On the “Computer Name” tab, check what the “Full computer name” is.
  2. Check the name on each of your computers. If any of them have more than 15 characters in their name, rename it to have 15 characters or less. This will require a reboot.

And you need to be part of a Workgroup (not a Domain). To check to make sure each of my computers is set to be a member of a Windows Workgroup rather than a Windows Domain, do the following:

  1. Click the Windows “Start” button
  2. Right-click on “My Computer”
  3. Choose “Properties”
  4. Click the “Computer Name” tab
  5. Click the “Change…” button
  6. Under “Member of” make sure “Workgroup” is selected (not “Domain”.)

Customer (david .) 01/20/2010 07:42 PM

==================== application File Attachment ====================, 425519 bytes, added to incidentfrom my desktop i can access my shared folders on my laptop but not the other way around. ive edited my registry on both pc’s i believe its called irp stack size and all my folders are listed as shared, and my firewall is not blocking access,i need help bad,real bad!!!
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