Network Magic and Comodo.

I’m sitting here trying to set up my new router with Network Magic. When it comes to Comodo, they have a link to this forum instead of easy instructions.
I’ve been using Pro for awhile now and swear by it. Have mentioned it to people many times.
But I’m really frustrated right now.
I bought a Dlink DIR655. Everything has been going seamlessly until I had to set up my firewall to ‘trust local traffic’ in a certain ip range.
The instructions in the forum would be easy to follow if I were tech savvy. I’m not and may have to use a different firewall if I am not able to get some help.
So please. Step by step. Assume I have no knowledge. You’ll be right.

What’s Network Magic?
Have you set up the trusted zone yet? If not, try the wizard in “Tasks”.
Is this to share files in a LAN?