Network Loggin not working unless user logged in


As my username indicates, I am a newbie to CFW and have a quick question which I could not find addressed in the documentation/FAQs.

I have everything setup and working the way I want it to except for logging with the netowrk rules. The last rule in the my network configuration is to block and log any<->any. This works great while I am logged in as administrator, but when I log out the traffic still gets blocked but there is no corresponding log entry. Is this the way the application is supposed to work?


CPF protects you even from Boot-up only when your logged in and the program is running it creates a log. You can try and set CPF to Block all outgoing traffic until it’s fully loaded by going to Task>>Security>>>Advanced Attack detection and provention and click on the Miscellaneous Tab. It might show some logs then but I’m pretty sure it only shows logs for when CPF is full loaded and it does automatically protect you from all inbound traffic from booting as default.