Network location backup (v3.0.171317.130) - Error connecting to network computer

I just updated to this new version on a Windows 7 (64-bit) Home Premium system. On the previous version I had no problems backing up to a network location.

When I try to create a new backup job and choose network location and browse for it; it prompts for a username and password for the network computer. Once entered; It allows me to browse to the shared destination folder. When I go to click next, it again seems to be trying to connect to the other system, but displays the error “Error connecting to network computer” and does not allow me to continue on with the backup settings.

The network connection is fine and I have no problems accessing the server.


Thanks for any help with this newer version.


Please follow the steps here to collect debug information:
You can also try to export the backup job to script file (backup step 5) and run it as a script.