Network is empty

I updated from 5.x to the current version of CIS and now nothing shows up under my network in Windows Explorer. I don’t see other computers, routers, nas, nothing. In the old version, I set the first network found to work environment so I could see everything and then asked CIS to stop detecting networks. From that point on, all networks were treated like the work environment. Anyone know how I can get this same behavior back?

One other strange behavior on the newer version, I’m always connected to the internet before I see CIS in the systray. This feels like a security leak. How can I get CIS to initialize (or have a higher priority) before the wifi does? Thanks.

UPDATE: I just found the solution for the empty network. I went under the Firewall Tasks → Stealth Ports → and selected Alert Incoming Connections. As soon as I clicked on it the problem was fixed.

Now I just need to find a solution for CIS initializing slower than wifi.

The processes that protect your computer, Comodo Internet Security Helper Service (cmdagent.exe) and the packet filter driver, load very early in the boot process and before the network connection gets released. When the tray icon gets loaded the protection is already running.

I really hoped that was the case, I just needed confirmation. Thank you.