network intrusions

My unrecognized files count is at zero.
Nevertheless, I get network intrusions blocking for:
instup.exe (this is also an Avast file)

If I go into Blocked Applications and unblock them, it helps.
But why does it happen, in the first place?
I understand that “network intrusions” refers to firewall blocking. Correct me if I am wrong.

Perhaps this is the culprit: in HIPS settings, I enabled “block all unknown requests when the application is not running”

Windows 10 x64 CU with updates
CFW 10 proactive mode

What does the firewall event logs show for blocking of those applications? When you used unblock applications task was firewall listed as the blocking component for those applications?

I unwisely cleared the list in network intrusions, so there is nothing left to look at in logs.
Will have to wait for next “intrusion” to take place…