Network Gets Blocked

I have a Win7 desktop and a Win7 laptop on WLAN. It’s a home network, and it works flawlessly most of the time.

About once an hour or so, the network (and even the Internet) gets blocked by the firewall! :frowning:

When I set the Comodo Firewall Security Level to “Disabled” in the tray, and use the Windows 7 “Troubleshooting” icon in the tray, the network usually starts working again. Sometimes, I have to re-boot to unblock it.

My question is, since I use a home network, and anything going back and forth is perfectly safe, how can I make the firewall always ignore my local network traffic in both directions?

Sorry if this has already been addressed. I searched for almost an hour and gave up.

Using the latest 3.X 64 bit in Win7 64 bit

Thanks you,

Hi everybody,

I have more or less the same problem. My home network has a Win Vista ultimate 32bit and a win7 64bit PC.
I have installed on both Comodo Firewall 4.0.135239.742, Internet Security and Proactive Security.

If Firewall Security Level is set to Safe Mode I cannot access the shared folders on the other PC.
Network printer and router are accessible.

If Firewall level is Disabled I have acces to shared folders on the other PC.
On both Firewalls I have a Local Area Network #1 with IP In[192.162.171.XX/]
The XX stands for the last digits of the IP address which the PC has in this network.

Has anybody an idea what I could do, except uninstalling the firewall?

Thanks in advance


Hi everybody,

in the meantime I have found the solution.

Open Comodo Firewall=>Firewall Tasks=>Stealth Port Wizard.
Select Define a new trusted network…

Select I would like to trust one of my Network Zones
I would like to define and trust a new network zone and enter the IP adresses.

That all


Thanks for the reply, but I already tried that. It still blocks my local network occasionally.