"Network firewall not running properly", no matter what

Hi there.

I’ve downloaded the latest version of firewall. After installing I get the dreaded message that I’ve seen on so many posts: “Network firewall not running properly”. No sollution has had any effect. Uninstalled, reinstalled, no success.
The problem fixing utility reports no problem. How stupid is that?

I am running XP 64 SP2 with no other AV/FW installed. Windows Firewall service is disabled.

So, if any of the development team reads this, ERROR MESSAGES WITHOUT CONTENT SUCK BIG TIME.
How about adding some details to “Network firewall not running properly”, like WHY ?! There has to be some cause that tricks your (so good !!!??) software into believing that something is wrong. Why the heck aren’t you displaying that cause ? Users are too dumb, they don’t require detailed information, right ?!

I am really frustrated with these useless error messages that one meets in almost every piece of software.
And so far your piece proved to be ■■■■. Your (so inteligent) error message leaves no chance for troubleshooting.

Words are never meaningless. They just have to be used wisely. Someone on this forum knows what I’m talking about.