Network Firewall Not functioning

My Comodo p[rogram says that “The network firewall is not functioning properly” when I run diagnostics it says that “The diagnostics utility has found some problems with your installation. Would you like to fix them?” I press yes and it says “The diagnostics utility could not fix some of the problems. Would you like to create a diagnostics report?”

I have several anti virus/spyware/malware programs installed on my computer such as AVG 2011, Spyware Blaster, Spyware Guard, and Malware Bytes. Could any of these be interfering? My router is configured to use Open DNS. could that be the problem? i have attached my comodo diagnostics report as a .txt file. thanks for the help!

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Hey and warm welcome to comodo forums!

I would like to know if you have the complete CIS or only the firewall. What security software did you have before CIS and which version of Malwarebytes do you have.

Keep in mind to have two av with realtime protection on will conflict. same goes of having the two firewalls on.

Valentin N