Network firewall not functioning properly

I am getting a message that the firewall is not functioning properly … when I run the diagnostics it is unable to fix the problem … I see no way to uninstall and reinstall the program … I wanted to have the firewall and antivirus, but that is not happening. I am running XP Pro 32 bit and I have the comodo product version 5.10.228257.2 … How can I correct this situation? Is there a tool to uninstall the firewall? ???
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Hi spirittoo,
In Programs & Features (Add & Remove Programs).
Click on Comodo Internet Security this gives you the option to uninstall or change.
If you would like to remove the Firewall but keep the AV see the following.
Switching Between Complete CIS Suite and Individual Components (just AV or FW)

Howdy capt’n … that’s the problem comodo isn’t listed in the add remove program list … what I really want is to install the anti virus comodo offers, but when I do … it keeps asking me to reboot … 7 reboots later and only 33% installed I figure something is wrong. I had avg free but for some reason it stop functioning properly too … it also kept asking to reboot over and over again. I was unable to install the latest avg so I hope I can replace it with comodo … so far it is not working out …what can I do? ???

Boot your WIndows in Safe Mode and run this clean up tool for CIS.

To be on the safe side of things also run a clean up tool for AVG. A list with clean up tools for popular av programs can be found here: ESET Knowledgebase .

Hi again … well sir … the cleaning tool worked and I was able to reinstall the firewall :smiley: … now I am trying to install the comodo anti virus … I get this error … cfp.exe- Unable to locate component … This application has failed to start because cmdhtml.dll was not found. Re - installing the application may fix this problem … end ???

Well sir … it didn’t fix it after re-installing … I keep getting that error after reboot … I even downloaded the file again to make sure it was not corrupted. Any suggestions on how to get the antivirus installed?

Thank you for your time.

Please try reinstalling it by following the advice I give in this topic.

How are you installing the AV? When you are running the installer of AV trying to install over the firewall then that will not work with CIS.

When you want to install the av after having installed the firewall go to the Comodo Internet Security folder in the start menu and choose “Add and remove components” and go from there.

The installer for CIS, CAV and CFP only differ marginally; they are basically the same. When installing the AV after having installed the firewall only a few settings are changed. The AV database will be downloaded from the web after installation.

Yep that’s my problem … I was trying to install the AV over the firewall … I got it together now … thank ye … thank ye kindly. :-*