Network Firewall is not functioning properly, and I can not uninstall Comodo

I installed Comodo v3.0.25.378 just a couple of days ago, and get a message that the “Network firewall is not functioning properly.” When I click “Run Diagnostics”, an error message pops up saying “Comodo Firewall has encountered a problem and needs to close”. This happens EVERY time. There are posts on this network problem on this forum since long back, and the “solution” seems to be an uninstall and reinstall. After all this time one would think that Comodo would have resolved this problem with v3. You’d think ? ? ?

Well, I tried the apparently only reliable solution - uninstall and reinstall - but guess what? When I use “Add and Remove Programs” from Control Panel, or click on the “Uninstall” icon in the “All Programs” menu, I get the same error:

“Comodo Firewall has encountered a problem and needs to close.”


Well, I decided to just run the installer again, and maybe that would work, but upon clicking on the installation program, I got a similar message:

“Comodo Firewall Installer has encountered a problem and needs to close.”

Not one to give up easily, I tried it again, and the installer started with the option to uninstall Comodo. I selected “Yes”, and got this message:

“Comodo Firewall Pro has encountered a problem and needs to close.”

Repeated attempts at reinstalling give either one or the other of these last two scenarios.

The program doesn’t work, can’t be uninstalled and can’t be reinstalled . . . . Well, that sort of really has things messed up. So, what’s the solution? Yo! Comodo Guys ! ! !

My email address is dadwhiskers[ at ]


Oh! I just found the first sticky on this page, and I fully agree with the author:

“My contention is that no software should be this difficult to remove and/or install.”

Do you at Comodo have a simpler option? It is nonsense to have to go through all of this. Maybe you could write a dedicated full removal program (as the author of the sticky says, the removal batch file is only for leftovers, not full removal), as this seems to be a somewhat common problem, or just maybe you could consider fixing the program ? ? ? I’m going to get rid of it and download Online Armor. Enough of this nonsense.

Some users have reported success using the (free) Revo uninstaller in advanced mode. If you have Vista, there are some registry keys that are very difficult to remove but do no real damage. If you need help getting it out of the Security Center or removing the legacy/miniport keys there are instructions available-let us know.