Network Discovery NOT blocked! - Win7

OK, network discovery options in win7 are actually a function of the windows firewall. I hate windows firewall and have it disabled. I use COMODO and have done so for about 6 years. I recently discovered that it is not blocking network discovery and I can’t figure out why. I can distinctly remember that it used to, though I may have had a different version then.

Since blocking network discovery is simply a matter of blocking specific TCP and UDP ports, then the Global “Block IP in from MAC any to MAC any when protocol is any” rule should handle this. It should then simply be a matter of opening the ports I want on my trusted network (as well as application rules based on my trusted network of course), yet when my trusted network is defined as a completely different network than what I am connected to, all other PC’s on the network can still access all of my fileshares. This should not be the case as it basically means when I’m at a public location (and thus connected to a network that is not in my trusted network zone), PC’s will still be able to see my file shares. Please help.

Whoops, must have forgotten to enable IPv6 on my last install. My bad…

Remember to enable IPv6 Filtering people! Much of Win7 local networking uses it ;D