Network disconnection while using COMODO firewall [Resolved]


Since I installed COMODO firewall I’m experiencing allot of network disconnections.
I searched the forum and found,4976.0.html,6658.0.html

I did as said: made sure that svchost.exe (and system) are set to allow, then I set the alert level to very high. I let the pc run for some time with out doing any thing, and still it got disconnected. I did this twice (see alert logs disconnect1+2.html).

I then set the “do not show any alerts for the application certified by COMODO” and did “scan for known applications” I restarted COMODO, but still I got disconnected (see disconnect3.html)

I’m using a cable modem, with PPTP VPN. My ISP IP is On this session I received IP

Can any one help me with this?


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Is there any body out there… :’(

These disconnections are still here…

Two more things:
a. There is no disconnection when if the net is working. If Emule is running there will be no disconnection.
b. If I turn COMODO off there will be no disconnection.

Please help me, if I can’t find any solution to this problem I will surely change to another firewall.



Welcome to the forums! It looks like your cable ISP is using a GRE protocol as part of maintaining your active connection. By default, GRE is blocked by the Network Monitor. Thus, their attempt to contact you (whatever that may be) is being blocked; I would guess that after a period of inactivity this causes a disconnect.

I say this because there’s a lot of blocks on Incoming GRE from to the session IP you gave. GRE could go out (with default rules) but not in.

You may want to try adding this rule to the Network Monitor. Right-click on the bottom Block & Log IP In/Out rule, select Add/Add Before. In the rules dialog box, create as follows:

Action: Allow
Protocol: IP
Direction: In
Source IP: Single IP:
Destination IP: Any
IP Details: GRE

Click OK. A reboot may be helpful to clear the memory and set the new rule. IF that IP address doesn’t remain constant, you’ll have to find out what Range of IP addresses your ISP uses for this purpose, and then set the Source IP to a Range instead of Single IP.

Hope this helps,


Thanks you very much :BNC

Your solution works as charm! No more disconnections!

I can say that COMODO is here to stay on my PC.



Great, acakuo! I’ll mark this topic as “Resolved” then, for other users’ benefit. If you find you have more issues with this, just PM a Moderator with a link, and we’ll be happy to reopen it for you.