Network disabling problem

Hello Guys,
{win 2000 Pro, SP4}
First of all:
I want to congratulate myself because Comodo BOClean was installed here in addition to CPF.
…standing ovation…. Thank you.
Funny thing happened. I disabled network connection. After that my mouse wouldn’t listen to me, the pointer moves around having convulsions. A few paroxysms later the System is in a complete nirvana. No other cure except the Reset button. Ok. The only new program installed is BOClean (I think to myself).
If I shut down BOClean. I can disable/enable connection. No problem. If I restart BOClean everything is fine… but as soon as computer is rebooted - no luck.
So mainly I found kinda workaround in case I am going to disconnect but it’s better to know what’s going on.
Unfortunately I cannot test the same thing on XP at the moment because another box having a triple bypass. Will do it next week.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions

Hello there “wild, high-tech kittie” (aka, SiberLynx),


Let me make sure I understand the scenario…

Did you intentionally disable the Network Connection?

Were you able to resolve the issue by shutting down CBO?

If so, did it return as soon as you restarted CBO?


Yes. Sometimes when I’m doing audio editing or writing my poems I feel no need to be connected (I prefer 2 b withdrawn during those activities).
Sys tray/right-click on 2 lil blinking displays/Disable…and I am alone.

Were you able to resolve the issue by shutting down CBO?
I don’t think “resolve” would be the correct term but yes I have to shut down CBO [b](once!)[/b] before the very first “Disable Connection”.
If so, did it return as soon as you restarted CBO?
“IT” did not return and it doesn’t matter whether CBO restarted or not - disabling/enabling allowed after the first CBO shutdown. Sure I repeat myself (“I repeat myself when under stress” King Crimson, Indiscipline) saying that disabling connection after reboot without prior shutting down CBO once will reduce my system to complete HALT! [b]Note:[/b] I did not touch BOCore service in my experiments (yet). Regards PS Please, let me end this post the way you started Thanks LM ...???... “Life Master, Lunar Module, Light Meter, Language Model, Living Marxism, Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm, Lockheed Martin, Licensed Midwife, Lan Manager…??? (aka, Little Mac) :■■■■

Well, I have not been able to duplicate this on my XP Pro machine. And I don’t have a W2K at my disposal, unfortunately. So either it’s W2K specific, or your machine specific…

Have you filed a ticket with support?


No I did not file a ticket with support. Mainly because the issue isn’t a real stopper. Than as it is proven already, many things can be solved by visiting this good community and having a pleasant chat & exchange of info/thoughts. Another thing is - despite I do believe you - I want to test it on XP too but that box is still in a hospital. I’ll let you know about the test by “PM 2 LM”.
In addition I do have another and less painful workaround like CFP/Block All. No need to touch CBO.
Just in case, where I can read how to file a ticket for CBO or any other Comodo product (probably there are some rules to follow)?

You may file Support tickets here:

The main reason I suggest that is to ensure that the development team is aware of the issue, and the workaround. That may give them some idea of what needs to occur to resolve it, so as to improve the produt.


Hi LM,
I’m back & writing this from my new comp(!) System is fresh-fresh XP Pro SP2. It means: I don’t see a horizon of work I need to do here.
I have “a lot of time deficit” (:LGH) so message is short.
Internet connection established.
Downloaded and installed:
CFP, CBO, AVG, SpyBot S&D.
That’s all before I briefly tested disconnect. The latter went smooth compare to win2000. No connection but sys was alive. I could run whatever available at the time. But enabling connection gave me that message about “reduced” or no connection. Those are not precise words… I don’t remember… I have just 2Gig of mem… but you know what I mean. Attempted to repair connection to no avail. Restarted.
No good. Something funny is sitting there. Anyway I am not in a mood now to look deeper but I will.
Thanks for the link. Most likely I will send my Q/scenarios there as soon as I stop dreaming about some spare time
Best regards.

The “Limited or no connectivity” message usually results (from my experience in this type of scenario) as a result of an incomplete ruleset in CFP. Possibly/likely that svchost.exe has been limited as far as establishing/maintaining the DNS/DHCP aspect for your IP address assignment.


PS: Of course, being in a Siberian GULAG might have an impact on it as well… :wink: