Network Defense shows 0 connections in or out

Hi I was using Comodo before on XP
Recently I installed latest Comodo 3 on Vista. I installed it without Defense+ as it gives me BSOD.

I do not know why Network Defense shows 0 connections in or out all the time no mather how many software I use.
I do not even know i Comodo is working at all.
Please help

Hi Martin and welcome (:WAV)

i suggest to reinstall Comodo. Use Revo Unistaller (it’s free) in Advanced Mode, when Comodo asks to reboot, don’t, and clean all the registry entries. Then reboot and try installing again. :slight_smile:

Link to Revo Uninstaller → Download Revo Uninstaller Freeware - Free and Full Download

You took the words out of my mouth Comm. :BNC

I know. I just copy and paste your anwer ;D

BTW I installed Comodo 3 without Defense + and I do not know if its any good without this feature.
I run few test from the Forum and I fail. Comodo doesnt show any pop ups to block appliations.

D+ is a HIPS application. It’s very powerfull and protects you from leaks, malware and other things. It’s highly recommended. But it will give you more popups :slight_smile:

and this is what i want to get but defese+ will not install on my pc unfortunately

:-\ why ? What’s wrong ? BSOD’s ? :frowning: What security software do you have besides CFP ?

I do have avast. But Comodo with Defense + doesnt start without avast installed even

Maybe you had some security software installed before avast ? Like Norton ?

I had Eset Smart Security but uninstalled properly

Does Security Center shows any sighs of ESET Smart Security Firewall ? ???

When you install Comodo with D+, does it show any error messages or it simply doesn’t install ?

no, doesnt show anything about ESET. I unistalled ESET and installed comodo without any antivirus/firewall runing
it still gives me BSOD when installing with defense+