Network Defense Inbound Connections continually reads zero

Hello All,
On the summary page under the Heading: Network Defense the indicator continues to read “zero” inbound connection(s) for several days. The other category "outbound connection(s) appears to work normally and shows varing number of outbound connections.

Is this normal?

I’m a noobe so I’ll need Dick and Jane instructions.

Regards and thanks for the help and Thank you Comodo for this terrific program


Yes, this is normal. Many users get few, if any, inbound connections (if you do, you are “acting as a server”). TCP connections are almost always outbound, initiated by you. They are bilateral, in that once set up they allow data to flow in both directions. So unless you have a rule that allows TCP in, and it actually gets fired, you don’t see any inbound connections. Web browsing, mail, passive FTP, typical internet programs don’t use inbound. If you are a gamer, use Skype, use P2P, etc. you will see some inbound connections. Other protocols (UDP, ICMP) don’t really form persistent connections so are very transient, but you will occasionally see them if you look under “view active connections”.