Network defence

Could someone please clarify this situation? I am constantly seeing many blocked attempts by the firewall not d+ & its always the same 3 or 4 ips! Thanks

Do you run any P2P software? It may be probes simply seeing if your computer is still offering the files for transfer. They disappear after a while.

No. I have however noticed that they also appear on my homehub linked with private lan, fusion handset.

Can you show us a screenshot of your logs?

I could but how?

When the logs screen is active push Alt+Print screen. This will copy the active window to the clipboard. Then open a program that can edit images (Paint,, Gimp ,etc), paste the image from the clipboard in the program and save the image as jpeg, jpg or png image.

When replying use Additional options to add the photo to the post.

No not happening

Then just press Print Screen.

Bit late

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Can you post a complete screen?

For now I need to know what computers are on the local IP address and

1st ip is my hub phone possibly the 2nd is my home hub.

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Is your home Hub wirelelssly secured?? because 192.168.2. points to your LAN, Its not on the internet side.
But im no security expert.

yes wpa2 enabled I also occasionally use it wired. I do use use two laptops secured wirelessly on this hub both have multiple fw events.

This is router chatter. Nothing to worry about.

To get rid of them follow this to make some trusted network zones under Firewall → Common Tasks → My Network Zones:
Local Area Network
IP in [your network IP Mask (eg]
Internet-wide Multicast
IP in
Special & Local Multicast
IP in
IP in

Then use the Stealth Ports Wizard to add the zones to your Global Rules. Go to Firewall → Common Tasks → Stealth Ports Wizard → choose “Define an new trusted network stealth my ports to everyone else”–> Next → I would like to trust and existing My Network Zone → choose the network zone you want to add from the dropdown box at the bottom → Finish.

Now take a look at the Global Rules and see your zone(s) added. Global Rules are under Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy.

The used zones I learned from this post by Gibran.

Thanks done that. Now getting popups about svchost. May revert to previous install.