Network Control Rules too loose?

I’m running Win XP on a desktop PC cabled to a router, and I have Vista on a laptop with a wireless card. Comodo ver 2 is the firewall on the desktop. I’ve managed to configure Comodo’s Network Control Rules and have the two PCs on the net and talking to each other, but I’m not confident about the firewall’s settings.

I used the “Define a new Trusted Network” wizard which detected the network card in the desktop. I entered a wide starting and ending IP to allow for changes. The result is the following…

Allow IP Out From IP [Any] To IP Zone: [network card name] – Where IPPROTO is Any

Allow IP In From IP Zone [Network card name] – To IP [Any] Where IPPROTO is Any

The above works but is it too wide ranging?

Thanks for any help.


No it’s not, since that’s the IP-adresses used by your router. But if you’ve set PC to always use and laptop to always use, you can change the IP-range to Hackers will need to hack your router to get in, so you should use MAC filtering on your router for some extra protection, if it’s available.


Many thanks for the response. My problem is that I’ve no idea whether or how I can set the two computers to keep to their present IPs. I think I’d just assumed that they were assigned by the cards (PC:Realtek RTL8139, laptop: LAN-Express AS IEEE 802.11g PCI-E), and I’ve no idea whether they are dynamic or static. I looked at Realtek’s site but there was no info. I couldn’t find a site for LAN-Express. MAC filtering is available and I do intend to set it up.