Network Control Rules Missing

I have Comodo setup on a Computer and the other day i noticed a whole heap of entries missing,
i recalled that the day before i added 2 new rules one was for Frostwire and the other for utorrent.

Once I setup those applications they where working correctly, but i cannot work out where all those default rules and the rules i put in have gone, all that remains is the one rule.

Here is a Screenshot.



You should immediately open CPF and go to SECURITY - TASKS and define your zone again. Once you’ve defined a zone, set it as a trusted zone and this will recreate the standard network monitor rules.

Once the standard rules are in place, back them up. A forum member has created a xript that will backup the settings and rules to a REG file. you can grab this script at,2366.msg30672.html#msg30672

Once youve got a backup of the standard rules, try adding the custom rules you created the other day. Once these have been added, run the backup script again, just in case.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: