Network control rule

Howdy Folks!

I am opening a port so I am making a global rule.
Please tell me about options in the Destination address tab.
I am using DHCP so I am a dynamic ipadress.
What option shall I use? I am finding it hard to use anyone of the option.

Any This seems not like an option
Singel IP Here i have to change IP all the time depending what ip I have
IP range This seems not like an option
IP Mask This seems not like an option
Zone This one I am using but it think it mean all IP on one zone
Host name this is blank
Mac adress This seems not like an option

You could use the MAC-adress. It’s like the adress for your NIC, so it’ll never change unless you do it yourself. No matter where in the world you are.
If you write ipconfig /all in a command prompt windows (Runcmd.exe), your MAC-adress will be shown next to Physical Adress.


Ok thank you for answer.

It seems a bit difficult, I whish there was a simpler option…?!
Atleast CFP could type out my MAC-adress so I do not need another software to make a rule :wink:

Well… The simplest option is to choose Any.

Takes less than five seconds to do, and the Command Line Utility is built into Windows, so it’s not really a big deal.
But I understand that people that used CFP are on different levels of knowledge about computers, so not everyone might now it’s this easy to get th MAC-adress.