Network control rule apply button doesn't actually apply

When I click apply on a network control rule window but not in the network security policy window the rule doesn’t get applied. This is very frustrating, when I click apply I expect the rule to be applied, and I may want to keep the network security policy window open in case I need to tweak the rule.

I tried searching this forum for similar problems, didn’t find anything. Will try updating to latest version, waiting for it to download (estimate 1 hour ftw). Not really much else I can do to try and trouble shoot this, the behaviour is what it is.

CIS version 3.5.57173.439 on Windows xp sp3 32-bit with admin account, AMD athalon X2 4200+ 64 bit processor.

This is by design, if you have the policy open and you apply that all “alerts + remember” are gone…
It’s caused by the complete write on the “apply” from the network policy.

I use the following method to circumvent this, if i have the policy open i check the alert, untick remember and create a manual rule for it, after that i apply the policy and allow the request.

I’m not talking about alerts or requests, just straight manual policy editing.

Screenshot. A does nothing until B is pressed, but B closes the window. This is undesirable if I’m as yet unsure if the rule will work as intended, it creates hassle opening and closing a window I could have just left open. It also creates brainfart if I’m in a hurry, I press apply and expect the rule to be applied, in my hast I may even close the underlying window in order to carry on what i was doing only to find I have to reopen it all and recreate the rule.

After all this I’ll probably remember in future anyway, but it’s all a fair bit of hassle for someone who makes a new rule maybe once or twice a year.

[edit]Also, after updating I find the product version number is still exactly the same, even through I haven’t updated the base software in a long time and comodo told me I needed to update. Oh well.

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It was frustrating for me too at the beginning of using CFP 3.0, but after some time you can get used to it. Anyway, I think it wouldn’t hurt if CFP 3.9 or 4.0 would have typical for Windows OS buttons for this kind of dialog/settings window. I mean OK, Cancel, Apply buttons.

OK - close the current window and apply changes

Cancel - close the current window and undo changes

Apply - (re)apply changes

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The first screen creates/edits the rule. Clicking ‘Apply’ saves these changes. The second window is the one that will apply the rule to your firewall. This is by design and not something that needs or should be changed.
This has the benefit of allowing you to see the rule(s) created/edited to ensure they are what you wish before applying them to your firewall.