Network Control Rule 05/Webroot Spy Sweeper Updater

Hello and thanks for reading,

I have been using Comodo Firewall for some time without problems but recently had to repair my XP installation (a registry problem).

Since then Webroot Spysweeper has been unable to gain updates although it is an authorised application. According to Comodo’s log, it is being blocked by Network Control Rule 05 (of the default set).

I have reinstalled the firewall but am loathe the do so with my anti-spyware as I could be left with a very old set of spyware signatures if that doesn’t fix the updater!

All suggestions welcome and thanks in advance.

Best regards.

You could try removing all of the entries for Spysweeper from the CPF component monitor. Then try updating spysweeper again and CPF should ask if you want to allow access.


Thanks for your suggestion.

That didn’t work, so I bit the bullet and re-installed Spy Sweeper which did.

Thanks again.