Network connection status "Acquiring network address" even when working?

I have a problem, not sure if it’s related to comodo or not, but my LAN connection is often sitting at “Acquiring network address” even when working.

if I go to the network list and refresh the page, it comes up as “Connected” (as it should be)

Does anyone know if this is a a Comodo thing or what?

Running XP Home Sp2 and Comodo

Not a Comodo issue; this is a well known bug in XP. Don’t know whether it will be fixed in SP3.

Firstly, it won’t be Comodo causing the problem as I’ve had simular issues in the past with my network card and router even without comodo installed.

Which router are you using? Which Wireless card? Have tou considered running Static IP Addresses instead of DCHP?

I personally have a Intel 2200BG connecting to my Zyxel P660HW and sometimes when I turn off the wireless and the back on again it takes forever for the Assigning IP Address to go away.

Try turning off your Wireless and the back on again and see if that resolves the problem.

You could also check your connection via IE7 by clicking on Tools>>> Diagnose Connection.

As a last option, it may be that your Winsock is corrupted. You could try running WinsockFix which you can download from here: WinSock XP Fix - fix XP internet connectivity

Mine still plays up even though I have now turned off DCHP on my router and using Static IP Addresses.

Sometimes simply removing your network from My Preferred Networks and then reconnecting to it.

There have been some longstanding topics on this subject. Here’s a recent one of them:


I don’t have any wireless LAN at all - everything is wired 100Mb Ethernet.

IP addresses are given by my router (DHCP) which is a Dynalink RTA-230 that connects to a D-Link DES-1005D Switch in my room. This goes to my desktop and laptop in there, and also connects a cable which runs to the other end of the house which connects to another switch and connects more computers, including the one with the problem.

Most of the computers are using static IP addresses (or else port-forwarding would stuff up) and those are manually reserved from DHCP in the router setup.

DHCP works normally for any other computers.

I don’t believe it’s the network, it seems to be this computer only. I’ll try that winsock fix and see what happens…

If you go to network connections and press F5 it stops. I have SP3 installed from the ZDNet link and it seems to solve the problem or at lease it did it for me.

Yes, F5 fixes it but I shouldn’t have to do that, it’s supposed to update the status itself.

I had this problem with Windows XP SP2 as well, annoyed the heck out of me and forced to formats of XP trying to fix the problem before I got the answer that itwas a bug.

I downloaded SP3 Release Candidate a few months ago and the bug has not reappeared since.

About the F5, that definitely would have been helpful to know.


Well after running the Winsock Fix there appears to be no more problem… Hopefully it will stay that way :wink:

Maybe for you! Good luck with that, I tried it and within two or three weeks the problem was back…

Ah well, just have to wait and see then.