Network connection speed monitor

CIS already shows you connections, if there is traffic flow or not and how much data has been transferred per connection.

But what about a feature to show you the current speed of the transfers? A total like netmeter on the main CIS window would be nice…

Some people dont like the idea…

But i like it.

+1 to comment bellow

Well if not everyone likes it, how about an option to toggle it on and off as well?

I’d like the idea. Very much. It sucks to have to turn to Task Manager to know how busy my NIC is, and then it doesn’t tell me which program’s using how much bandwidth. It sucks even more to have to turn to Vista’s Performance Monitor. The readings make little sense to me and are insufficient and just launching the program is less convenient.

Display options can be combinations of: graphs, transfer speed, % of total bandwidth, upload, download, connection duration… all in columns and in addition to the stats CIS already avails.