Network Connection Issues

I’m using Comodo version 3.11.108364.552 with XP SP3 with a Dell 2350 wireless router.

My issue is that when I’m connected to my wireless network, every so often, there’s no pattern to it, the connection drops, for all computers using the router, even though, I’m the only computer using Comodo, the others all use Windows Firewall.

I’ve had this same issue with all previous versions of Comodo I’ve tried as well, I recently did a re-install of XP and figured I’d give Comodo another try because ZoneAlarm causes my taskbar to hang on start up and consumes more system resources than Comodo and when you only have 512MB of RAM you need all the resources you can spare.

This did not happen a single time when using ZoneAlarm.

The firewall event log does show any events when the connection drops either.

The last time I posted about this with previous versions I was told to setup static IPs for the computers but this did not fix the issue at all.

I also thought that possibly my router was reassigning a new IP address when the connection dropped and Comodo was blocking the new IP address, so I changed the network zone to cover a wide range of IP addresses and that didn’t fix the issue because my router was not reassigning a new IP address, it does that once every day and besides, it assigns me the same address every time.

So, does anybody have any new ideas as to what could be causing this issue?