network connected, no internet...

my host computer that provides internet access to my other machines is running xp64.

been tearing my hair out for weeks, almost bald now…but finally managed to track problem down to firewall/ commodo today…:wink: network connected fine. just no internet to my networked machines…i can see traffic going back and forth, can transfer files and that…when i disable firewall on host machine, hey presto internet is available on networked machines again.

i see plenty of guides on how to do that deliberately. they don’t work in reverse though…as rules you set for them don’t apply here…can anybody help?

I had a very similiar problem with Cisco AnyConnect. I had to uninstall Comodo firewall to get it to work. Currently running ZoneAlarm and Comodo AntiVirus. Hope Comodo and/or Cisco come up with a compatibility fix. I had been using Comodo Firewall for about ten years.