Network card not detected

Please I’m new to Comodo switching to it from zalarm. I’ve installed comodo two times in a brief time but the problem remains: comodo doesn’t detect my wireless connection to my access point and in the “my network zone” only the loopbackzone appears. No firewall events. Comodo Services started. ZA completely removed looking at your instructions.


Hey arkasha Welcome to the forums!

Make sure the Control Panel>Performance and Maintenance>Administrative Tools>Services>Wireless Zero Configuration is running.

Report back please. :slight_smile:


Thanks Josh, and Windows Zero configuration is started…

Hi arkasha,

So still having the problems?


Yes??? I noticed that the firewall seems working (some new events in “firewall events” window, Shieldsup test in passed) but I can’t still see my two network cards listed in “my network zones” tab… :-[

Sorry but I continue to post here for every update. Yesterday I tried your firewall leak test obtaining these results:

  1. Protected
  2. Protected
  3. Erro
  4. Error
  5. Crrrrashhhh…

so the firewall seems working after all…