Network auto detection?

Alright, i’ve been using comodo for a while now but what with another format and this being wrong (i think :P) i though i’d ask. When i install for the first time, comodo auto detects my network however, if i leave it on the default setting it blocks connections directly sent from my router.

So, the problem, when i leave the network to auto detect my loopback zone is the default and the lan (labled home) is the ip and subnet of my pc. Problem is i use a router, and having this setting is blocking the upnp signals of the router + connections to other pcs in the house. Now from what’s i’ve read, isn’t the loopback zone in fact ment to be the ip of my pc, and the lan the ip of my router?

Has the auto detect simply not worked and should i set my home network to the ip of my router & loopback to my pcs ip or is there some other setting i don’t know about/missed in here?