Network Address Blocking


In my events viewer, I am having some addresses blocked from to

I want to be able to see other computers on my network. I know how to allow applications access, but what steps do I take to allow network addresses?

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Try running the “Stealth Ports Wizard” and make the IP addresses of the other computers on your network trusted.
Go to Firewall/Common Tasks/Stealth Ports Wizard->The top box “Define a new trusted network, stealth my ports to everyone else” is allways checked when you enter this, just click “Next”
Now check “I would like to define and trust a new network zone”, add the starting and ending IPs of the addresses you wish to access and then click "Finish" You should receive the message "Your firewall has been configured accordingly" and if you look in Network security policy you will see 2 rules under System for the IPs and 2 in Global rules.


Thank you for the welcoming and your helpful response.

It is something I probably could have figured out myself, but there is enough settings in here that made me want to get the right answer.

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** Sorry for the double post **

Now I get blocks from to

What to do here? :smiley:


EDIT: Reading another thread, I think I found out how to do it. I’ll post if I have any other issues. Thanks.