Network Adapters - Device Manager

Could someone please have a look at my adapters & my non plug and play, I’m on a stand alone pc no wireless, internet is wired up via modem. Do I need to disable any of the following?

Could someone pelase help me out.

I’ve also got two more questions, I’ve just installed Tune Up 2010. The proggy has a new turbo feature, it turns off or lowers background services usage when either not in use or taking too much cpu usage. Will this effect Comodo Firewall?

Also I’ve made changes to my connection props, do I need to enable or disable anymore?

You should disable “Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)”, as Comodo firewall currently does not support it.

done, thanks mate. is there anything else I should disable?

I would say your good, no need to disable anything else.

thank you OmeletGuy. sorry one more question, in local area connection I disabled Client for Microsoft network & file sharing as I don’t wish to share my internet connection with anyone and took a gamble with link-layer as the description stated it as being part of wireless but I didn’t do anything about Qos Packeet Scheduler as I didn’t have a clue what that one was for, do I need it on? if not will it speed up my system or internet connection if I disable it? I need as much performance speed I can get, vista loves to hog the cpu!

and also you told me to disable IPv6, I did so in local area connection but IPv6 is also listed as a wan miniport in device manager, will I need to disable it there too? or any others in device manager?

Google is your friend :wink: QOS Packet Scheduler, please read it all.

Provides traffic control on a network using IPSEC and applications that support QoS, and have an adapter that supports it. The QoS Packet Driver installs by default on any TCP/IP connections. I recommend uninstalling it if it is not needed on your network. As far as I can tell, you also need an ACS Server (Provided with Windows 2000 Server and Advanced Server) for the QoS Packet Scheduler and Applications to request the needed bandwidth. Since my network is not straining under any load, this is rather pointless. You may require this service to be placed on Automatic if you use Windows Media Player or NetMeeting.

Take note: Some people (as I did before I completed extensive research on this) reported that QoS uses 20% of your bandwidth and does not allow any activity, regardless. This is false. For more information, please view this KB article from Microsoft (I normally do not post links to them, but this warrants it):

If you uninstall the packet scheduler, no “bandwidth” is still reserved and regardless of setting and QoS is only valid on your internal network, not after the information reaches your ISP.

To tweak Vista have a look at the BlackViper list. Start with “Safe” and see how that goes.
Click on the name to get more info

All the best, woz of oz

done blackviper as soon as I installed vista mate, thanks for QoS info, the traffic control description was exactly why I left it alone but some did say it slows down either your systems performance or internet speed, I can’t remember which one they stated but anyway, thank you OmeletGuy & wozofoz :-TU

On mine,
I removed “Client for Microsoft” and “File and Printer sharing for Microsoft networks” <–You should click on “uninstall” for these 2, not just remove the check marks on them

if not will it speed up my system or internet connection if I disable it? I need as much performance speed I can get, vista loves to hog the cpu!
1) If you don't use a printer, you can go to services.msc and disable "printer spooler" 2) use firefox instead of IE for browsing 3) use "vista manager" by yamicsoft <---I think thats spelled right. This should help somewhat.

nice1, i removed both and installed vista manager its a nice little proggy but i’ve got to do abit of learning before i start messing with afew of its features.

got two questions if anyone would be kind enough to answer. first is, in network and sharing center the network status says, public network. Done abit of reading and most say to leave it set to public network if you haven’t got wireless, is there any truth in that. im on a stand alone pc wired up to a modem. second is, I reinstalled vista afew months ago, it left a windows old folder in my c drive. theres no documents in there that i need, only the windows folder, can i delete the windows.old folder?

You can delete windows.old