Network Access


i have 3 PC and running comodo on all, but i have a problem.

PC1 = access from all other pc to shared folder.
PC2 = only access from PC3
PC 3 = no Access from others.

How i must configure Firewall on PC2.
I tried a lot of configurations, but alwaysa the same Problem.

Either i got access from every PC to PC2 or i got no access.

Can somebody help me pls.

Only PC3 can access shared folders on PC2, all other PC in Lan should be blocked

Is this so hard?

do no one knows a solution or is this not possible with comodo ?

Did you have the access you desire before installing CMF?

Hi xemon,have you tried to set up a Network zone on PC2 using the mac address of PC3 then use the “Stealth Ports Wizard” to allow access to that zone/pc

Firewall/My Network Zones/ADD/A New Network Zone/Call it PC3/APPLY
Highlight “Add Address Here”/Add/A New Address/Check A MAC Address/Enter PC 3`s MAC address/APPLY

Now Stealth Ports Wizard/Next/I would like to trust an existing “My Network Zone”/from the drop down highlight PC3/Finish
You should get the message “Your firewall has been configured accordingly” and in Firewall/Advanced/Applcation rules(under System) and in Global Rules(at the top) there should be 2 rules.

Hope this works,

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