Networ Intrussion Prevention

Hi, I’m new to the firewall, comming from Kerio (which I love but hasn’t been updated in a while) and I have a Network Security related question??
Aside from the block all rule at the end of the Network Security module in Comodo, is there any tipe of Network Intrussion Prevention system in the firewall?? Similar to that of Kerio or the former sygate firewall??
And if not, how thas comodo handle network attacks??

MasterTB: welcome to the forum (:HUG)

It certainly does have intrusion-type defenses: Security > Advanced > Advanced Attack & Detection Prevention > Configure

Lots of option in that screen and on both tabs. I leave the default because I find them sufficient, given the relative performance and security ratio.

Wait for version 3 - it’ll be a huge leap from 2.4