Netwok Firewall is not functioning properly

To try and resolve this I have done an clean install of CIS 5.8, ran the uninstaller tool and diagnostics, report attached, restarted all to no avail.

I followed Ronny’s old post from here I release this is for XP, but desperate times… This also did not resolve things.

This all came about when I uninstalled CIS because of a problem running a scan. It would reach C:\Windows\Sysdtem32\Driverstore and crash with a message regarding APC Index Mismatch, 0x01, CMDGuard.sys. I removed CIS and installed Avast. Prefering CIS I re-installed it, after running the Avast uninstaller and ccleaner.

Can anybody help solve this firewall problem?

Vista Home 32bit.
CIS 5.8
UAC off
No other security software installed.


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