NetStat huge problem

I’ve had Comodo 3 now for a fair while and am still learning how to use it. I have created two posts today (or at least will do). This one is in reference to NetStat.

I seem to keep getting this installed on my computer, I’m not totally certain it’s from Comodo, but it is the only program I have recently installed that would have such a speific name as “NetStat”.

On loading my WinXP account, I get a 1minute installation menu popping up with “Installing Netstat”. This happens if I have restarted the computer or have simply logged off and back on.

When using Internet Explorer (7.0.5730.13) creating a new window, opening a new tab, or clicking on a link that opens in the same tab or a new tab, also causing the “Installing Netstat” popup to happen; thou this time it last for around 30seconds.

Like I said I’m not certain if this is from Comodo, I can’t get any applications open fast enough to find out what the file location is to be able to say where it is coming from.

If this is from Comodo can anyone help me on how to solve this installation problem - as I’m certain it dosn’t need to be installed simply because I click a link in the IE browser or start up my WinXP account.

Thanks all.

Netstat is part of the windows operating system unless you have a malware installed with the name if not see this article from wikipedia will tell you more about it.

Can you post a screenshoot of that installing netstat dialog?

You can check the path of the application that show that dialog using Daphne.

You only need to drag& drop the cross icon from Daphne to the netstat window and daphne will highlight that process in its process list.

When you confirmed that path take a scrennshoot before the netstat windows closes.

Okay, well its good to know where NetStat comes from, only reason why I thought it was from Comodo was the “View active proactive List” option in the firewall.

Daphne reports that the dialog box comes from IEXPLORER.EXE. I first thought it might not be detecting the right information and moved the IE window to a spot in which was not going to be in the background when the box appears. This proved that the box comes from IE since the background program was Windows Live Messenger.

Unfortunately I got a new message from the installer asking me to restart, and because I didn’t think I would get a different message I used the spacebar to clear the two messages I get (both the same).

Daphne highlights the information that that program has while the netstat is the installer box I get when it comes up.

I am not however seeming only getting it when I check my emails by using MSN “Email Icon” to log into my email accounts. Sorry this is incorrect, it happens now just not when I click a new link or reload the page.

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maybe it is a malicious Browser Helper Object

IE7 has an Internet Explorer (No Add-ons) link on All programs\Accessories\System tools

I guess you should try an antispiware product or manual removal using AutoRuns

The only new BHO (toolbar) I have installed that uses IE is one from Alcohol 120%. Which has now been removed from my computer. Thou it didn’t really seem to be the cause of the NetStat popups that are still happening.

When I was looking for the tool bar that A120 installed, I did come across NetStat in my Add or Remove Programs list and I am wondering, is it safe to uninstall? The creators of the program ( say its: Graphical network status showing open TCP/IP ports and their connections. Allows for printing or saving to a text file as well as the ability to hide connections to the local machine.

On second thoughts, I’m just going to uninstall it and see if I damage my PC. Why didn’t I check there first (probably because malware doesn’t have a true entry in this list…)

[edit=1]Doesn’t seem to be any damage from uninstalling it, and popups have been removed. Now onto my second problem[/edit]