Netscreen Remote VPN and Comodo x32

This is really weird and strange. I am able to get online with Netscreen Remote VPN and I can do my work. However when I disconnect my whole internet connection is hosed since Netscreen Remote can not shutdown the PPP interface. And since all internet traffic is mapped to go through the VPN i need to reboot as this is the only way to get things working again.

This is currently rather annoying. I already turned off Defense+, but I am still having problems. This looks like a firewall conflict of some sort. I’ve been having this problem ever since I installed v3.0. I used Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall and never had this problem.

I also miss the “advanced” button in the alerts (as sunbelt has) that would let me create custom rules right from the alert and not having to save and then go back and edit.

GUI is also not very polished:

  1. Defense+ is disabled but i doesn’t show that when I open up the menu from the tray. It does show it inactive in the main screen.
  2. Single screen for apps and packet rules is very very annoying as I am using a ton of apps and like to create custom rules. It also makes very hard to find since applications are not sorted in any order. Sunbelt has separate screens for Apps and Rules. It also has options to allow/deny application(s) to listen and accept incoming connections without the need to create explicit rules via check boxes. it also gives a nice visual to see which applications are accepting incoming connections and which aren’t.

Patiently waiting for updates.