"Netlimiter" for cis

Would like to be able to limit the bandwidth for certain apps or to set priorities on how they use the bandwidth available. There are softwares for doing it but they are quite hard to get to work properly sometimes. And I would think it would go great with cis (much less hassle)

I think its quite common today for ppl to stream music and stuff while playing games and it causes certain issues on online games.

-limit up / down speed to certain % or kb for apps
-save settings for each app you want so you dont have to do it everytime
-“gaming mode” turn on the limits for apps on single button.

Sure it would have much more use than just gaming but thats just the first thing that I thought of.



I’ll be looking into implementing this in my Application Network Activity Control Charrette thread.



It will be interesting to see how you will implement these “functions”.


I’m going to be revisiting my network control window thread once work and holidays let up a bit. First priority is the network control rule creation window… which… if no one saw what I did for CIS4… well… it may shock you. But after that, I’m definitely working on this.

EDIT: It’s starting to seep into my designs.