Netgear print server

:stuck_out_tongue: I have a netgear ps111w print server hooked to my router and I am having trouble getting it set up. My trusted zone for my network card includes the IP for the router, but still a print job won’t get to it. (WCF32)

Can you please go to Security->Network Monitor, double click on the last rule(which should be Block ip in from any to any …) , select create an alert if this rule is fired option and retry .

After it fails, Activity->Logs section should include the log of packets that are blocked by CPF. If you can send your logs, we can see what is going on.


I also have a Netgear print server on my network and also cannot print to it. The instant the CPF is shut down, print jobs hit the print server and then the printer. While CPF is running, they simply show as spooling until they time out. I have added a trusted zone with the entire local network’s IP range, I have added a trusted zone with just the IP of the print server, I gave the windows print spooler unfettered rights, etc. All with no effect.

I have enabled logging and the log file shows that access is granted to the printserver, although that obviously is not happening. The log says:

Date/Time :2006-06-25 16:48:50
Severity :Low
Reporter :Network Monitor
Description: Information (Access Granted, IP =, Port = printer(515))
Protocol: TCP Outgoing
TCP Flags: SYN
Reason: Network Control Rule ID = 0

My computer is at; the print server at