Netchina S3 HIPS

Anyone have tried it ? The download is only 2.7 MB and it scored 86 % on Matousec :slight_smile:

So it can pass a few leak tests.

What about the performance, Efficiency, etc?


Just a quick play so far. This has some promise but it sure needs a lot of work based on the odd behaviour I’ve seen.
Network access is either Allow (High availability) or Block (High security). There are no prompts for anything attempting network access, which is very inconvenient.
I have Application control mode set to Querrying but I have seen several applications launch without any warning from S3, and I have “Enable digital signature based decision” un-checked!
Some of the Application tab’s purposes are hard to understand such as subject, Object and Loaded.
There is a Protected group option for applications, but I don’t know how that works, especially since I have launched several appplications - notepad, anydvd, winzip, cmd.exe, ccleaner, wmplayer.exe - without any warning from S3.

Overall, it seems like an unfinished product, the most disturbing aspect being that it’s anti-executable funtion is erratic, at best. As an example, just to get Snagit to work (S3 did block this app!) I had to manually place it into the Trusted group before I could take screenshots. Also, there really also needs to be an “ask” option for applications attempting network access, rather than only allow or block.

It’s memory footprint is, however, light at ~15 MB.