Netbook with comodo cis can't connect to school wireless network

My sis’s netbook(Window 7 Starter Ed) is installed with Comodo CIS(without the antivirus), other security software is avast antivirus and window defender, this netbook has no problem connecting to our home wireless network with wpa2 encryption but it can’t connect to my sis school’s wireless connection, the school’s wireless setting are correctly done(had checked setting with other student whose laptop/netbook can connect without problem, the setting are done correctly)So my suspect is due to certain setting in comodo firewall that is blocking the connection.

The firewall setting is as below
-Stealth port setting is set to "block all incoming connections stealth all my ports to everyone
-attack detection is as default setting except for protect the ARP cache & Block Gratuitous ARP frames
are checked, under misc, block fragmentated IP datagrams, Do protocol analysis, Do packet checksum
verification are checked
-The above are the setting that i had changed the rest are all as default.
Should i change the stealth port setting to trust the school network?
or is there any setting that i need to uncheck to enable sucessful connection?
Firewall expert pls advise. Thanks

Can you Post your Firewall log file?
This would help. You can find it here: firewall-> common task → firewall event log

Do you use VPN?
I had such problems once, also check that you allow Loopback Traffic.

hi, i’m not using VPN, and how to check allow loopback traffic?, on the my network zone, there is a loopback zone, if i’m not wrong, its not blocked.U mentioned u have similar problem once, can i know how u solve ur problems?Thanks

I assume it’s using DHCP to assign IP addresses have a look at this FAQ please

hi, i have followed ur link to the site, i have checked with ipconfig /all it is stated that the wireless adapter’s dhcp enabled setting is “yes”, i have also checked the firewall event, there is a udp blocked event, however the source port and destination port are the other way round, its stated as
Action: Blocked
Protocol: UDP
Source Port: 68(its stated as 67 from ur link)
Destination Port: 67(its stated as 68 from ur link)

so should i create a global rule according(exactly) from the link u provided or do i set set the source and destination port according to ports appeared on my firewall event log? Thanks

Please follow the FAQ and see if that helps, i think the one your seeing is from somebody else’s DHCP request as it’s broadcast it get’s picked up by all network adapters on that LAN segment…

That is DHCP. It’s normally outgoing with Destination Port 67. You need that for getting your IP in the network.

Broadcasts on port 68 and 67 are part of the Bootstrap protocol. Bootstrap protocol is a predecessor of DHCP.

I had created a global rule based on the provided dhcp faq link.
My sis went back 2 school today, she still can’t connect to her school network,she say that the wireless adapter show connected to school’s wireless network, but she can’t login, the login box keep prompting for username n password even though she key in the correct username n password. she seek help from the school it administrator, was told that Window 7 starter edition can’t connect to the school network, they had tried many different set with starter edition, all could not connect. I did a search on the net regarding the feature that starter edition lack, came across one that stated no domain join feature, only available on professional edition and above, my sis school network require her to login with username, password and domain name, i assume that she is required to connect to a domain,is my sis connection issue due to the lack of domain join support in window 7 starter edition? I’m not familiar with network stuff.Pls advice. Thanks

Sounds like they are using a form op admission control to authorize network access…

Sad thing they every released Win7 nag version…