net work monitor turns off message says reinstal program

I have used the firewall (3.0) for a month with no problems other than slowing the system to a crawl. Tonight i recieved a pop-up from the icon tray saying the network monitor was off,and that re-installing the program may fix the problem. I opened the interface and found the network monitor box was red,and protection level was listed as “good” rather than "excellent. I exited the program,and reopend it,and all of the box were listed as red,and the protection level was “bad” (duh!) . The application woud go from custom to block all ok. I then exited the program and turned off the computermrebooted,and the firewall loaded normally.
all compotentants were loaded and working. Do you thank it is nessasary to uninstal and reinstal? I have windows xp pro2. and use AVAST free,BoClean and A-squaredfree along with the comodo firewall. earlier today i had to do a system restore,but that was hours before the firewall problem.

Hi normishmael, welcome to the forums.

This sort of thing is usually caused by a conflict, but I don’t see any reasons for this listed in the software you have installed. Could you confirm a couple of things… you mention version 3, but you seem to be describing version 2.4 (Network Monitor). Can you confirm which version of CFP you have. Also crawling system: Can you give a little more detail on this… is a process consuming all the CPU or is it something else?

i was just surfing the net one day and suddenly there was a popup saying “comodo’s network and application monitor is off, reinstalling may fix this problem”. i tried to turn them back on in the main window, but i had no luck. Eventually i had to restart the pc and the problem was fixed. This is obviously “appalling” as comodo just turns off the firewall whilst I’m surfing! Any suggestions as to why this happens? i’m thinking of switching to zonealarm as this sort of behavior is unacceptable!

Hi Johnny5, welcome to the forums.

As I said in my post above… This sort of thing is usually caused by a conflict. This is a conflict with other software, usually security software involving low-level device drivers. These conflicts are not necessarily immediately apparent on installing either.

What other security software do you have installed? Doesn’t matter if it is active or not. Installed is the important bit.

What’s your OS?

Also when CFP advised you to re-install to resolve the problem, then you should really try exactly that. Otherwise it might happen again. Of course, this often “breaks” the other conflicting software.

Also you might be interested to know that the new CFP 3 (currently in Beta testing) has a Repair function to try & correct this type of issue.

Oh yes, I should have also pointed out, that CFP did not really just turn-off (it can’t do that). That’s the front-end (CPF.EXE) detecting that the back-end service (CMDAGENT.EXE) and/or its supporting drivers have either stopped responding or failed. So, it’s probably also worth checking your Windows Event Logs to see if anything was registered.


my operating system is windows xp home edition, i have alot of programs installed, which one’s normally conflict with comodo?

Usually security software. Anything with a firewall component/element. Kaspersky, Both KAV & KIS, are incompatible as a result of this. Cyberhawk (now called… PC Tools… something, can’t remember) was incompatible on some systems (silent BSODs on boot, I think). But, in the end, I cannot guess. You need to state what security software you have installed.

Did the CFP or Windows Event Logs reveal anything?

Please do not be alarmed, the percentages are very much on your side that it is not a virus infection, but a conflict. Actually, a Trojan is more likely than a virus. Both, of which, are a lot less likely than a conflict. Thus, we look at conflict first. Plus, with a lot of software installed, I think we can assume that a fair percentage are security apps. This fact, alone, lowers the likelihood of some sort infection and increases the conflict chances, significantly IMHO.


i overread its about v3 eta, follow others plse, yeah virus as global for trojan virus jacker,
but i overread its v3 sorry, i moved the 3.0 on other item,

youre guided good here sorry, with the bones of this forum :slight_smile:


however did you remove any network- rules? try this and rebuild, because a off switch is always remote.

you know global block rule i assume, then build up anything


No problem & yes, this is the CFP 2.4 section (ie. the current release version). So, we should be talking about CFP 2.4. The CFP Beta section is here. But, you are, of course, still welcome to contribute here. :slight_smile:

i currently have avira antivir, avg antispyware, spywareblaster, a-squared free, spyware doctor, ccleaner installed. I used to have avast antivirus and zonealarm free installed, but i have uninstalled them now