.net user account appearing

Hi folks,i had a strange occurance on my pc recently.Only i opened user accounts in xp control panel and there was myself: admin(i know i shouldnt) ,there was the guest account switched off and there was another account which was a .net account.I know i didnt set up this account and on boot up it never came up on the windows start screen so could this be summit dodgy.I have comodo v3 + boclean running plus avira av(i do a full system scan at least once a week) and nothing has ever come up.Any advice on how this appeared would be most helpful.Needless to say i have deleted the account and done several scans which all come back clean.

ps anyone who reads this check your user accounts via control panel just to be sure.

Kind regards Matty


If I’m not wrong, that user account is created when you install Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1. Have you installed it recently?


Not to my knowledge,it may have come on an update.

Cheers ragwing ill investigate

well me,if anyone could help i was in the guest account and i tried to create an account from there so wath i did is i changed the only account with the guest exisisting account administrator to guest so now there’s 2 guests !! :‘( so now i can’t create an account its impossible i have 2 accounts wich are the 2 guest accounts ! i can’t download any program i can do nothing !! :’( please HELP !

:THNK AHH YES i forgot to mention something i was using CMD.EXE

Since you have just two guest account so you will not be able to perform any ADMIN tasks. We have to create an Administrator account through “SAFEMODE”

  1. Boot the system in Safemode
    2)Select “Administrator” in the user login menu
  2. Once you have booted the system in “Administrator Account” then go to control panel—> user Account
  3. Click on Create new account then create an Administrator Account in any name
  4. Restart the computer and login to the new Admin Account that you have created.

This will fix the issue…