net transport 1.94d don't run with CIS4


Net transport 1.94d don’t run with CIS4.

The software are allowed in defense+ and a rules is create in firewall.

But at the launch net transport crash, with an error message of windows.

Without CIS4 Net transport run very well.

Configuration of CIS 4: by default

OS: seven 64 bits

Net transport 1.94d is a oldier software , but is the last free^^


but is the last free

Not true.
This (french, but it is the first one i have under hand) li,k shows there are several:

Coming back to your question, i supposed it results from the cis v4 default policy, denying inbound connexions.

Yes it’s true, Net transport 1.94d, its a last free release of Net-transport software…

Its not the default policy, the application are allowed in sandbox, defense+, and firewall.

defense+: paranoid, firewall: custom policy, sandbox: on.

I don’t want another software for downloading…

Me too.

You can deactivate the defense+(after reboot), or remove the guardXX.dll Registry keys value (after logout&login).

The defense+ modules (guardXX.dll) Crash your Net transport.
Remove it, Net transport work fine.

PS: defense+ will lose some function, if you remove the guardXX.dll hook.

At this time, 9X% can’t download the software installer. (1.94d)
if Moderator need it, I can upload the installer to forums. (Only 1.56M)

Crash Not only Win7, XP 32bit too. (Use net transport 1.93, I Like 1.93 and 1.94d ver.)
But the software can play on the old defense+ ver. (CFP3? or CIS3?)

This is very nice software. (and last free ver)

The “download all by net transport”(Webpage) function is No.1 in similar software.
200% Best than F ee Download Manag r and o bit download r. (or F ashG t)

Why move to help forum, this is bug. T.T (ry

I downloaded and installed 194.d. It will only stop crashing when D+ is permanently disabled. I am on Win 7 x32.

I will move it to the bug boards but under the condition that you add all the necessary information to your topic start as described in Important: how to submit bugreports (read this if you want them fixed). We need to accommodate the devs and their testers so they can immediately start working on trying to reproduce the bug.

Remove the guard32.dll (32bit OS) Registry keys value

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows]
“AppInit_DLLs”=" C:\Windows\System32\guard32.dll"

After Reboot or Logout&Login account

Net transport work fine.

guardXX.dll (XX=32 or 64) modules have problem.

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