.NET framework questions about performance.

Hi. I am curious about benefits to the end user, of products written needing .NET Framework.
I have read that a program that requires .NET will use more system resources than one that doesn’t, is this true or not? Would two programs capable of similar tasks one needing .NET, and one that doesn’t have any benefits either way because of .NET? Performance, resource usage etc? Thanks in advance for any information given regarding this. Kind regards.

Generally, managed programs use more memory and are slower. I can’t see any significant benefits from the end user point of view, aside from being able to run one executable file “natively” on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

Hi Wj32. Thanks very much for your quick response, you have covered my questions about .NET very well.
Thanks again, and Kind regards.

It’s nice to have an experienced developer here to correct most of us, since we’re just wannabes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Only games or other heavy applications such as MATLAB, Maple, SPSS, CAD can take the benifite of 64bit. You can imangine that a 32bit processor has 32 tunnels where information can travel though whereas a 64 bit has 64 (twice a much as 32bit)

my example is not the best…

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