Net effect of Proactive security?

By default, if only the firewall is installed the configuration is set to Firewall security. if Proactive security is then selected, defense+ and the sandbox are activated. As I have no need for these components or the AV I set them to disabled but the configuration remains as Proactive security.

My question is, what is the net effect of Proactive security in this situation, is it simply that it removes the all out firewall rule, or are there some other hidden changes?


CIS 4 - firewall only
Proactive security
Defense+ and sandbox disabled

The firewall settings didn’t change from v3.14 to v4 in Proactive.

The only thing that was added that it will not make rules for safe files as a mean of reducing resource usage and giving less alerts to the users.

Ok, I think I understand. So, if I wouldn’t want it making rules for me, there’s no advantage to using proactive security?