Net disconnections

Hi well another newbie here.
I have had to uninstall comodo because it kept disconnecting me from the net so far 2 days and no disconnections, but missing the protection. I have downloaded Zone free but dont really want to go that way, so is there anybody that can give me some advice how to solve this prob.
Keep it simple

I hope I have posted correctly


It usually work for some time, then suddenly you’re disconnected, then it’s probably svchost.exe!
Did you permit svchost.exe access the Internet thru port 67 and 68?
If no, then it’s probably the reason, because it needs to access the Internet to obtain/update your IP-adress, and if it’s not allowed to connect to Internet, it’ll fail to update the IP-adress, making you unable to use Internet, as you’ll get an invalid IP-adress.