Nervous about installing CTM

CTM seems like an amazing program for an amazing price, and I’ve been looking for a program like this for a long time. You have to pay for all of the other alternatives to this program, so I really want to use this program. Only one thing that’s keeping me back: What is with all the issues that lots of people have been having, with computers not booting up after installing CTM, computers getting corrupted after uninstalling CTM, and some people’s computers just getting completely trashed after installing CTM. Is the chance of a problem like this occurring rare, or is it quite common? Also, will you release an update for this program soon that will be fixing these issues? Will you continue to update this program, or are you guys done with CTM?


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The development of CTM is ongoing and won’t stop soon. They’re working on fixing the bugs and expanding the compability with other OS’s and software. When a new version will be released is not known yet.

Before you install CTM, it’s adviced to backup all important data in case something would go wrong (let’s hope not of course).

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It works great, the biggest problem for a couple of people is uninstalling it

I when to try it on my computer and its fine.

This is how I uninstalled it

  1. Power up the computer
  2. when the CTM screen comes up, quickly hit the “home” key on the keyboard (99% certian)
  3. a new comodo screen comes up
  4. click on uninstall

I think this is the best way to uninstall it. IMO

Hi, Icedrake99

We are happy to announce that COMODO Time Machine 2.5.129464.157 has just been released.;msg364777#msg364777

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Does this mean that there is no longer the chance of corrupting the MBR upon uninstalling the program?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who would like confirmation that the newest release has finally solved this major problem. Once this is solved then I can begin using this (hopefully) fine product.

Hi, Chiron494
It won’t corrupt MBR upon uninstalling CTM.

Thanks for your support.
Hope it helps.

Will keep a eye on CTM, and as soon as it becomes clear I’m not going to get BSOD, or anything else I’ll install it. :wink:

Same here.

If you are nervous about installing CTM, I would not install it. It has taken them pretty long for them to fix install and uninstallation issues. You could just wait a year or two while using system restore and then it should be stable enough for wide-range of users.

No way would I say it would take them a year or two, so struggle to understand how you come to get that figure (no offense!) and am quite sure in the next release or after that I’ll put it on one of my many computers on my home network. :slight_smile:

My, my, AyeAyeCaptain…don’t let it get you over excited. Obviously the opening poster is a little new to this type of virtualization software. Although, I do see the latest version is being much more stable.

For ICEDRAKE99, it is recommended that you have backed up your important files on another disk at least, even when using such software such as CTM or Returnil. It is best to treat this program as a tool to combat malware infiltration (As in some nasty malware gotten past your security programs). It may save you a lot of hassle of having to reinstall OS and everything else.

However, if you got corrupted or lost snapshots, it will put your system back into the time you first installed CTM. So back up your computer anyway on a constant basis. That way you won’t have to worry about CTM corrupting or trashing up your computer.

Just keep in mind the real purpose for this type of software and what types of security that you really need (Prevention, virtualization, sandboxing, imaging, etc).

I actually did use Returnil at one point to test some software, but then I uninstalled it due to the fact that it can’t test security software that needs a restart. I also use Sandboxie sometimes too, so I’m not too new to the virtualization area. :wink: What I am new to though is CTM type software, image backups, and such (I do have all my important data backed up on an external though). I’m also waiting until people confirm that the major computer corrupting issues have been fixed before I will use CTM. Its funny how I haven’t even used CTM, but I’m already liking it. ;D

I also test out programs on my computer too, so that I can do reviews for those programs on my blog. But I haven’t been able to test security programs yet, due to the fact that I need to infect my computer with different viruses to test out their effectiveness. This is one of the reasons why I want to install CTM on my computer; so that I can dump viruses onto my computer to test out different security programs, and then after I’m done, I can just restore my computer to an earlier time with CTM.

By the way, thanks for all the advice/help you guys have been giving me so far. :slight_smile:

One more thing, how much disk space does a typical snapshot require? I’ve only got about 18 gigs free on my hard drive right now.

Sorry to interrupt you, guys.
I just wanted to add that CTM is all good thing for ordinary programs’ testing but testing viruses. You still have MBR and hardware unprotected. I’d use a full virtual machine here.

backup files before installing a backup program? that kind of defeats the purpose of using this backup program.

There are 2 reasons for this.

  1. CTM is theory can restore a HDD to a previous save point if something goes wrong. If the HDD fails, only a backup to other media will help.

  2. This software has crashed a good number of HDD’s either during the install or uninstall process (including mine). I wouldn’t recommend using it but if you do, do a backup.