Nero InCD Service bypass Comodo. Probably services priority issue

I installed Nero 7. I trust the firewall it informs me about ANY program making connection to the internet. I expect the firewall capture all network activity at the moment the network interface raises

Many programs do contact their software company without requesting permission of the user.
This is a violation of trust, a violation of privacy. As owner of a pc, I have the right to deny
a software company to make stats of my computer. Automatic updates are not. They are shitholes.
You have Your update, but You create statistics, even worse. They check if You do not run an old
version, and a friendly popup raise up to BUY. Well, I do not need that shit.

A firewall needs to run on the lowest layer of the network. Obviously, Comodo does NOT. It needs to check if it is the closed priority in the service list. Or a service can bypass the firewall.

And what about the Comodo Firewall scanner, to scan for ‘trusted’ applications ? Are trusted application open holes ? Where is the list in the GUI of those trusted applications ?

Many questions about this firewall. (:AGY)

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What they mean by “trusted” is an application that Comodo have tested. The port and protocol requirements are recorded and applied automatically. The list of approved applications is not made public. Comodo think that if the list is user viewable then it can be editable, and malware could insert entries into it.

I’ll be interested in the responses of others as to whether CPF does indeed protect against services. I’d be suprised if it didn’t, but I’ve been wrong too many times in the past. :wink:

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: