Nerds Remove Comodo???

I came across these Spyware Nerds who claim…

"Comodo is definitely a type of spyware/virus. Comodo is known to change/delete system files, user settings and other important computer functions. Its highly recommended you remove this spyware/trojan immediately before further damage is done to your PC. and are offering the download of their own version of the ‘Comodo Removal Tool’…

What kind of a scam is this at the expense of COMODO’s award-winning Firewall and AntiVirus software???

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It’s a fake.

In the URL, if you replace the words “comodo” with anything else it will generate the same page but with your “anything else” where the word “comodo” used to appear. All lionks on their page point at their own download - the MVP logo, the Softpedia logo - everything.

However I reckon I could charge for the version in the picture. :wink:

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It’s a lame scam or a joke.
Curious how you got directed there.
Maybe through a search?
Key words change depending how you land there.

Compare the screenies attached.

PS: ■■■■ scooped again :wink:

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SpeedyPC is a company owned by Pareto Logic - the company behind xoftspy. The jury is still out over the integrity of xoftspy.

Ewen :slight_smile:

All I can say is that they’re not nerdy enough. You have to be a real (:NRD) to use Comodo software.

Is that remover actually harmless? :o

well if you visit this site with WOT it gets 4 big reds

It is documented elsewhere.

Comodo has been known, in past versions, for privacy infringments (particularly the Comodo Toolbar).

Oh, speak for yourself :slight_smile:

Yeah I agree, I’m far from a ‘Nerd’, but do have to day the Def + can be confusing at times… All this will be resolved anyway in v4 from what I gather.


I usually use Opera which has Scroogle Scrape set as the default search engine, but I was using Firefox at the time which uses the Yahoo search engine and when I searched for Comodo the paid advertisement appeared at the very top of the results.

I thank you guys for revealing the true nature and origin of this deceptively adaptive paid advertisement! I’m going to set up the encrypted and advertisement-free Scroogle Scrape as my default search engine in Firefox asap……!


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;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

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Good one ;D

FYI: Ganda really is a virus: Ganda | F-Secure Labs

Edit: Sorry, he’s a worm ;D

I think the guy’s brain will be removed before he removes COMODO products.

Seriously, who isn’t a nerd here? Anyone who is active on these forums. :wink: We are all nerds.

Should this be in the confessions post Josh?? ;D >:-D

Funny how some people on random MMO games I play(ed) (lol) call me a “nerd,” I think in a “mean” way but I happen to like it. 88)

Celebrities couldn’t be celebs without the nerds. :smiley: (We would all be living in log houses and using axes and cows too.)

We can’t have our precious zombie computers without nerds. >:-D


Great thread guys and dolls.
Never ceases to amuse me hearing and reading about slanders and ill-gotten jest talk/discussions from people with (what seems to be) a vendetta against any great competitor (that being COMODO).

I prefer the term Intellectual Badass rather than Nerd ;D